Why you shouldn’t be paying full price for gas

With prices for just about every commodity on the rise, you want to be sure you are saving where you can and most importantly not over-paying.

Gas is one of those goods which is a generally something you can’t scratch off your budget. That being the case – and with the prices beginning to set record highs – you need not pay full price for it. Here are some ideas to avoid doing so:

  • Get a membership at Costsco or other club/warehouse type stores with discounted gas. Sure, you will have to pay their yearly membership fee. But, I have found the rebate check you get at the end of the year, typically covers that cost.
  • Be sure to sign-up for e-deals offered by your local gas stations. They typically offer coupons and discounts off per gallon.
  • Get the app! If you are a smart phone user, be sure to download apps that will locate the cheapest gas in your area. These are typically updated by other users. I personally like GasBuddy.
  • Buy on Wednesdays. According to co-founder of GasBuddy, Jason Toews, “Wednesday’s are the best day of the week for cheap gas prices.”
  • Many gas companies offer reward cards that will save you money each time you use the card to fill up. Word of warning here – be sure you are paying this off every month. If you are getting charged interest on the balance, this defeats the whole purpose.

Any other thoughts on not paying full price?

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