Thrifty ideas to backup your digital photos

I love digital photos! It makes organizing my photos easier and requires less cost of developing unwanted pictures. Plus there is less clutter of your photos around the home. It’s nice having them all on one PC. To top if off we have a screensaver that slideshows all the pictures on our PC. Sometimes, we’ll sit at our computer for 10 – 15 minutes just oh-ing and ah-ing at the pictures we have forgotten about or seeing how much the kids have grown.

However, there is one draw back to having all your pictures on one computer. DISASTER! A disaster could strike your home and leave all those memories as a digital vapor. I think about this a lot and wonder if I’ve done everything to protect my family’s memories. Here are few ideas on how to protect your pictures, and some positives and negatives of each.

  • Burn to cd/dvd – this is a cheap way backup your pictures every so often. Risks:  House fire or natural disaster.
  • Backup to external usb hard drive – great way to backup large amounts of data (photos) and you can use Windows Backup to back these daily. Risks: House fire, natural disaster, house struck by lightening (while connected to your PC), or virus from PC.
  • Safety deposit box – using a safety deposit box at your local bank to store your cd/dvd backups or external hard drive. It may cost you a little extra to per year, but gives you the peace of mind in knowing your photos are backed up. Risks: None. Do you know of any?
  • Online backup – here is a great option for setting up regular backups of your PC data (photos and more). Here are a few options to look at: ADrive online backup (50GB free), Windows Live Skydrive (25GB free), or Tutorial on three free online storage options. Risks: Your photos are compromised on the external site (low risk).

I hope these ideas help you think about saving your digital family photos and protecting them against any possible disaster. What ideas do you have or use?

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  1. Pete says:

    I’m paranoid about losing the pictures on our hard drives, we’ve taken thousands over the years on family trips, outings, and so forth. To make sure we don’t lose any we backup all our photos to, in addition to backing up to an external hard drive and to an online backup using Dropbox. You list some other interesting alternatives above that I’ll need to check out. Better safe than sorry.

    Risks to a safety deposit box? Fire/water damage if the building burns down – which is pretty unlikely.

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