How yoga and marathon running are similar to personal finances

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“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1: 2-4)

About three months ago I started taking yoga classes at the local YMCA, and have been really enjoying them. I started yoga, because my muscles have been extremely tight from running marathons a few years back. Since taking yoga I’ve realized that there are some similarities between it, marathon running, and personal finances. The similarities between them encompass everything in the above verse. Here is how…

  • testing of your faith develops perseverance.
    • Yoga application – through the gradual increase in your stretches you train your body to reduce resistance and at the same time increase your balance and strength.
    • Marathon running application – the tests in marathon running are the long runs you do prior to running the marathon. You start with 10 miles and slowly increase them up to 20 miles. These are the “tests” that develop perseverance.
    • Personal Finance application – through trials and making it through tough times (i.e. Great Depression or recession) it makes you appreciate what you have and you conserve more after going through these trials. Look at how the depression shaped that generation to save and conserve resources.
  • “whenever you face trials” – notice James doesn’t say if you face trials, but when you do…
    • Yoga application – by self inflicting the stretches on yourself (trials or self inflicted trials) you are training your body to go further with the stretches and soften your muscles even more. The pain (trial) will benefit you in the long run.
    • Marathon running application – the final trial in marathon running is the actual marathon itself. All the training (tests) you’ve put into training you will now payoff in the marathon.
    • Personal Finance application –  more than likely you will one day face some financial trials. For my wife and I it was early on in our marriage and never having any extra money at the end of the week. Remember in the tough times that it creating in you a “perseverance”. The Lord will see if you are faithful in times of need and times of plenty with his provision.
  • “Consider it pure joy…”
    • Yoga application – at the end of my yoga workouts we work into a 10 – 15 minutes relaxation/meditation period. To me this is the pure joy. After working hard for 45 minutes it is the meditation time that I really enjoy after going through all the “tests” and “trials”.
    • Marathon running application – I don’t know why but everytime after I run a marathon I get all emotional and cry (a joyful cry). It’s probably the endorphis flowing through my body, but still I get a lot of joy out of running and especially long distances.
    • Personal Finance (PF) application – being jubilent is so hard when times are tough, but it makes in times of plenty that much more joyful. Realizing how much you have and are blessed. At the same time I remind myself…whether in times of plenty or little that Lord is watching over me and will protect me (remember Matthew 6:25).

Do you have any verses you think about while working out?

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