Eddie’s three keys to financial peace – Part 3

EddieThis is part three of a series of posts on my three keys to financial peace.  My first key, which I previously explained, is discernment.  My second key is faith.  I identify people who are better than me in finances.  I listen to what they say about finances.  I put those ideas through my discernment filter.  I believe in faith.

Faith includes action, not just a belief.  I act upon what the experts say.  I follow their advice.  This sounds simple, however, faith has a prerequisite that is difficult to achieve.

The prerequisite to faith is humility.  I realize that I am not an expert in areas that I have not thoroughly studied, experienced, or observed.  Since I am not an expert, it is profitable for me to listen to or read the experts.  If I am too proud, then I can read the best books by the greatest experts, and come away saying, “That sounds good, but I will do it my way.”

For example, when I was in my early twenties, before I ever received any deliberate teaching on finances, I saw a copy of the book “Margin” by Richard Swenson.  In a quick glance, I knew the author was an expert on finances and that it would profit me to read his book.  I also knew that I desperately needed direct instruction on personal finances.  I read his book and followed his advice.  It helped me start my adult life with some concrete financial concepts.

Today I am reaping the rewards of applying what I learned by faith with action.  I have been underemployed for the last three months, earning 20% of what I used to make.  However, since in the past I lived with a “Margin”, today I am still living like a king.  Next post I will reveal my third key to financial peace.

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  1. “The prerequisite to faith is humility”. Good thought.

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