Your legacy as a motivator to becoming debt-free

aaronPicture an older man – mid-60's – in a rocking chair on his front porch. He's overlooking a wide open field, watching his grandchildren playing care-free in the distance. His wife sits to his right, knitting a blanket. There is a deep satisfaction and peace in her face. He looks over to her and smiles. She winks back.

They have been debt-free for 15 years now. The land they homestead is theirs. What they'll leave behind for their children and their children's children will be more valuable than an inheritance: a legacy that will have a ripple effect throughout many generations. A belief that money isn't the cure-all and gratefulness in what is possessed outweighs the greed for what is not. And that to owe no man anything is real freedom.


Several years ago when I first made the decision to become debt-free, I envisioned a similar scenario. I wanted to leave the world without any debts to my name and more importantly, leave a legacy of “freedom”. I wanted those who were left behind to not be burdened with my mishandling of what had been given to me.

Thinking ahead and dreaming about what could be ended up being one of my biggest motivators as I started a 5-year journey to rid myself of debt. And, it worked.

I recommend this to you as well. Think about how you want your future to look. Write it down. Tell others.

And then, dive in and make it a reality.

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