How to save money golfing

aaronI love to golf. But, I hate the price tag that goes with playing!

Ever since I picked up the game, I've tried hard to minimize my expenses around playing. When I was 15, I got a job working at a par-3 so that I could golf for free. I continued to get jobs at courses growing up so that I would be able to feed my love. From picking up range balls to drilling new holes on the greens for the days play, I've pretty much done all you can do on a golf course.

So, here's my list of some things you can do to save a few bucks on your next golf game. FOUR!

  • Why buy new, when slightly used will do? For the average golfer, you're probably going to be just fine with a standard set of golf clubs. Therefore, a used set will do. Many bigger named golf stores carry used clubs that customers have traded in. My last set of irons, I picked up for $70 at Golf Galaxy.
  • Buy at the end-of-the-season. Great time to buy shoes, gloves, etc is at the end of the golf season (and I'm mainly talking to the northern states here). The golf shops and retail stores are usually in a bargaining mood. They also have to get ready for next years line of goods.
  • Use the web to make tee times. You can get some great deals by using Since courses are looking to fill their tee time slots, they will offer “steals” to fill em – oftentimes, the last minute, the cheaper. basically auctions these times off, to the public.
  • Play in the evening. Most courses offer twilight rates in the late afternoon because they figure you won't finish before dark. You can save some decent change by teeing off during these times. And, if you time it right, you'll get all 18 in.
  • Lose one, find one. Oftentimes when I'm in the woods looking for a lost golf ball, I'll find one or more. This at least helps offset the loss and replenishes the supply. Don't be afraid to take a walk through the woods during your round. Just make sure you aren't holding up the group behind you!
  • Use the tees on the teeing ground. I use very few tees from my golf bag, because there are always some laying around on the teeing area. And, the golf course superintendents will love you because it keeps their mowers sharp (less tees to chop up!).
  • Coupons. There are plenty of em out there. Search your local newspaper, go online or check your Entertainment coupon book. No need to pay full price for that next round.

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