Functional is thrifty and cabinet organizer giveaway

JenEarlier this week, I talked about decluttering and wanted to put my words into action.   My wife and I have been wanting to clean out the cabinet under the sink.

Here’s why:

We know what you’re thinking…NASTY! Enough said.

So here’s what we did about it:

1) Removed everything from the cabinet
2) Took inventory of what needed to go back into the cabinet and what needed to be relocated elsewhere
3) Cleaned cabinet with this cleaner
4) Measured cabinet dimensions

5) Sent my wife to Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon to find us a cabinet organizer
6) Placed organizer into now organized cabinet


To us, the space is now a lot more functional and organized for our family’s use.

While my wife was shopping, she decided to pick up an extra cabinet organizer for one of you lucky TTG readers! You can have up to four chances of entering the drawing. You can enter by 1) Commenting on where you’d use this cabinet organizer and why, 2) Become a Facebook fan of Three Thrifty Guys and comment that you’ve done so, 3) Subscribe to our twitter feed or 4) Subscribe to our daily newsletter. Good luck! Winner will be announced Tuesday morning – August 31st.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your guys’ blog for a while now (I also follow you on twitter, but I figured that the giveaway only meant recent followers) I could use the organizer for a chest I have, I think it’s from Ikea (my dad bought it) but it’s rather UN-functional in that it’s 3 feet tall and almost 2 feet deep, and has one divider in it. I don’t really know what do put in it because folded clothes seems impossible because of the depth (I’d never get the clothes in back without messing up the folded ones in front) and so I use it for small-clothes (socks, scarves etc) and currently even THAT is non-functional, in that I throw them in haphazardly, and so it has turned into some kind of large jumble.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  2. Liz Friesen says:

    I would use the cabinet organizer under my bathroom sink which is a conglomeration of first aid supplies and yet to be used toiletries. If I win the organizer, does your wife’s expertise come as part of the deal???

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