Friends and Family Food Pantry Donation Update

Almost two weeks ago I took a collection up for the Friends and Family Food Pantry in Lottridge, OH and wanted to give everyone an update on how much we collected total. To date the readers donated an astounding $180!!! Unbelievable! I was completely blown away by everyone’s donations, generosity and thoughtfulness in helping out others in need! I thank everyone who financially supported this cause and ask you all to continue to keep them in your prayers.

I recently went to the food pantry’s website ( and found a list of things they need and first on their list was prayer. I ask you on too continue to keep them in your prayers and also if you have any extra items in your home that they might need then consider sending them to.

Friends and Neighbors
c/o Community Action
3 Cardaras Dr.
Glouster, OH 45732

Thanks again for everyone’s generosity and prayers!

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