Benefits of stockpiling


Stockpiling is putting up extra goods to use at a later time.  You can stockpile not only nonperishable groceries, but also toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers…basically anything that keeps and will be used by your family.  In a later post I will share with you how I started stockpiling, what I put up, and where.  For now, I would like to tell you about some benefits I have found from stockpiling.

Stockpiling saves money

For the majority of people, the largest monthly expense is their mortgage.  The second largest expense is food.  You might not be able to reduce your mortgage payment, but you do have a lot of control over the amount of money you spend on food.  According to the USDA, a family of 4 on average could spend between $987 and $1152 on a month's worth of groceries.  These numbers are for food cooked at home, not restaurant meals.  Stockpiling allows you to buy food at a rock-bottom price and use it at a later date when the price has gone back up.  The same is true for toiletries, many of which you can get for free or cheap at CVS and Walgreens.

Stockpiling allows convenience

Going to the store every other day with four kids because I have run out of something is not convenient.  I no longer run out of deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo or diapers.  I also have plenty of  food items in my stockpile that can easily be made into meals in a hurry, therefore avoiding high priced “convenience” food and restaurant meals.

Stockpiling is an  opportunity to be a blessing to others

I live in north Louisiana.  When we have hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, people evacuate the southern portion of the state and come to shelters that we set up.  When Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans, there were large numbers of people in town, many who came in on buses with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  Having a stockpile of toiletries and nonperishable food can put you in the position to help someone in need.  I like the idea of being able to buy things at very low prices and have them on hand in case of emergency.  Also, if you find that you have bought more than your family can use before it expires, you can head to your local food bank and share your great deals with those who need them.

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  1. Great investment idea! As you say, larger is better for getting a low price and preparing for short-term emergencies.

    Because of more stuff [volume] per packaging material [surface area], buying in bulk is also good for the environment.

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