Uncluttering partners – how to get extra motivation to clean

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Having a hard time getting motivated to clean a room in your house? I can definitely relate. As of late my wife has been on a cleaning rampage. Thanks to fellow blog, unclutterer.com, it has provided my wife and one of her friends some extra motivation to tackle rooms together. Over the past two weeks they created this system to both motivate and help each other unclutter and clean one specific room per week. Here are few steps they have taken to help each other, which might help you too.

  1. Get an unclutter partner (preferably someone who won’t judge you no matter how messy you are)
  2. Each person pick a room to tackle
  3. Agree to clean up a side area in the area you are going to clean prior to your unclutter partner arrives (i.e. Clean up the master bathroom before cleaning your master bedroom together)
  4. Set the days one week ahead of time that each person is going to come over
  5. Clean the room
  6. Have tubs for goodwill, go to storage, and for things to go to other rooms of your house – this helps keep your uncluttering moving along without hitting road blocks
  7. Encourage your partner to throw away or recycle as much as possible. Ask each other, “do you really need it?”
  8. Have fun – my wife and her uncluttering partner agreed to bring the other person lunch or Starbucks!

I personally have benefited from their new found system and definitely like the results it has produced. Here are a few pictures showing the results of our baking goods organized and some artwork we hung up of our son’s.

What motivations do you use to help organize your life or home?




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