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Here are a couple good sites for bargains that I ran across by accident. Since discovering them I check them frequently, and have come across some really great deals.

SmartBargains is a site owned by a group of online retailers that offers name-brand products at extremely low prices. SmartBargains offers up to 70% off most products. The products offered on the site come from canceled store orders, excess inventory, and manufacturer closeouts. SmartBargains has new arrivals every day, but you have to be quick to get them because they are often sold in limited quantities.

Here is anthor cool site I found: Ben’s Bargains. I always find myself coming back to this site, because I can often find deals that other deal sites don’t have. They also have a tracker for hard-to-find items. When the Wii and the iPhone are impossible to find, they have a section devoted to updating when new stock comes in from merchant websites around the web.

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