Funny Friday Video – The Duck Master

At we like to have a little fun from time to time and not always talk about finances. We’ve decided over the next few Fridays we are going to be changing things up and having “Funny Friday Video” day. This week’s video is from 2004 when my first son was born. As a little spoof video to his Grandparents we decided to make the now infamous family video, The Duck Master. It has gotten rave reviews by all the best movie critics like these:

“The Duck Master will be an instant classic.” says one of our neighbors

“Landing on the moon, your first movie, and The Duck Master – All these events people will remember the day and place where they were at when they first saw them.” says Queen Elizabeth

“Elijah’s performance in “The Duck Master” is unflippinbelievable.” – says his Grandma

“The film brought more tears to my eyes than the first time I watched The Notebook.” says some boy who wishes to remain anonymous

Enjoy this week’s Funny Friday Video.

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  1. Liz Friesen says:

    Oh, my. I’d heard about this video, glad I got to see it. I wonder how Elijah will feel about the pooping compliment when he’s 16!

  2. Charlie says:

    Elijah is pretty proud of this video and tries to act out the duck master with his younger brothers now too. :) We’ll have to show this video to his prom date some day! haha

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