Living through the Great Depression – Interview with Gerhardt Gutz

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Today I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with my Grandpa on the Great Depression and created this YouTube video from it. I asked him a lot of questions on how the great depression affected him, what he would do different than younger generations today, about debt, will we go through another great depression, and much more. Here is the interview with a few pictures from his life and a few scenes from the depression. (the audio isn’t the best, so I apologize)

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  1. Judy Shepherd says:

    Charlie, that was a special interview with your grandpa. We can learn a lot from their example.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Charlie says:

    My Grandparents have had more financial impact on my life than anyone else in my life. Their experiences from the great depression had a daily impact on my life through their example. I knew from their example that I didn’t want to be like the majority of people who got pulled under by the depression.

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