Freedom from debt

charlie avatarAre you enslaved? Have you no freedom from debt? Are you in debt up to your eyes balls? Are you living your life like Stanley Johnson?

On the way back from our vacation to Oklahoma City, I happened to tune into the last hour of the Dave Ramsey Show. Like always the show is a great source of encouragement and inspiration for getting out of debt. If you haven’t heard the Dave Ramsey radio show check it out here. Frequently in the show he has people call in who have paid off all their debt or everything except their home. After the caller states how much debt they had, how much they earned, and how long it took them to payoff the debt, then Dave plays a great motivational sound clip from Braveheart. The sound clip is from when William Wallace is on his death bed and given one last chance to recant his betrayal of the king. In his last dying breath he yells out, “Freeeeeeeeeeeeedddoooooommmmm!!!!” In the same way, listeners of the Dave Ramsey show have lived the life and are now yelling out “Freeeeeeeeeeeeedddoooooommmmm” from debt. No longer will they live their life like other Americans, and will no longer be in debt up to their eye balls. Here is a great motivational clip from Braveheart when William Wallace gives his famous speech.

Here are a couple correlations I’ve drawn from the above clip and made my own quotes to motivate you to become debt free.

  • Do you give homage to living the American Dream? I give homage to living debt free!!
  • “The English is too man.” – Most Americans say “The debt is too much!” Not the freed.
  • I see a whole army of my countryman, here in deviance of debt and tyranny!
  • What will you do without freedom from debt?
  • Run and you will live, at least a while. Dying in your beds many years from now would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to then for just one chance, just one, to come back here and free yourself from slavery to debt? Do you envision dying in your bed someday debt free?
  • Who on their death bed, being debt free, can say, “I wish I wasn’t debt free. I regret paying off my debts?”

As cheesy as these correlation quotes may be there has been and will continue to be an onslaught of marketing to each of us to live in debt, and “Live the America Dream” like Stanley Johnson. We all need motivation from time to time to remember to fight the good fight and be freed from debt. What is your motivation?

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  1. Not leaving my debt to those I leave behind..

  2. Just started TRIPLING my morgage! At this rate, my home will be paid off in 4-5 years! No greater feeling than snow balling debt and getting to this point I can triple my morgage!

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