Evite the best way to send invitations

mark avatarCreating and sending invitations with Evite is a simple 3-step process.  First, you choose a design.  More than 100 designs are available, but you can limit your options by looking at  designs for certain types of parties.  Once you choose a design, you have to enter the details about the party and add a message to your guests.  Then you create your guest list by importing contacts or by using friends in your Evite address book.  After that, you just send the invitation, and your guests are notified by email.  They can also RSVP electronically which makes it easier for you to track who's coming and who's not. Evite makes invites and turn-downs/acceptances fun and simple!

Evite is a completely free service to use.  However, the site is supported by advertisements from companies such as Progressive and Target, so don't be alarmed if you get a pop-up or flashing graphic every once in awhile.

Some Evite Features:
Create and send electronic invitations to your guests
Receive evites from other party throwers
Interact with friends and family members on your invite page
Calculate your expenses with a budget estimator
Upload photos to the site

To learn more about Evite check out about evite.

Give it a try for Father's Day or a 4th of July party coming up, and let me know what you think of Evite.

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