Create your own museum quality artwork

I'd like to share with you a neat way to make artwork for your home that looks professional and doesn't cost a bunch of money.

Here's what you'll need to know/have before you begin:

  1. wood stretcher bars (preferably already assembled – you can pick these up for cheap at your local arts and crafts store)
  2. canvas and/or printed artwork printed to canvas
  3. heavy duty stapler
  4. money: about $20-60 (depending on size of canvas and printing)

Ok, first off – what do you want printed? Perhaps its an old photograph of your mother? Or, you and your brother running through the puddles when you were youngens. Whatever it may be, grab that photo or artwork and contact a local sign printing shop. You can have this already sized to meet their requirements or have them scan the photo and size (keep in mind, resolution should be above 100 dpi and color mode should be RGB for best results. The shop should be able to assist with this). Costs are dependent on the size of your final piece of art, but shouldn't be over $30-40 per print. Most printers will have canvas which can be printed on.

When you get the print, make sure you find a wooden stretcher which will fit your final piece. Good to have a size that will be sure to cover the whole stretcher. You can pick up one of these at a arts/craft store for around $20 depending on size.

From here, all you are going to do is staple the canvas to the wooden stretcher. Make sure the print is facing down and lay the stretcher over it (first panel). Be sure the artwork is centered and how you want it on the stretcher. Next, grab the center of the top part of the canvas and pull it over the stretcher and staple (second panel). Then, grab the bottom mid-section of the canvas and pull that up on the stretcher, making sure it is tight. Then staple. Repeat with the right and the left sides of the stretcher, working your way towards the edges of the stretcher.

When you're finished stapling, you should have slack leftover at each corner of the stretcher. All you need to do is neatly fold this over and staple to the stretcher (third panel). And, there you have it! A fine piece of art that will look like it belongs in a museum! (only you will know how much you spent on it)

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