A few things you can probably live without

Aaron AvatarTelling folks what they can or can't live without isn't exactly a recipe for making friends.

Still, my intent here is to bring some things to mind that you might have never thought you could live without. Most of these, I have lived without at one time or the other – or am in the process of divesting myself from.

Here goes:

  • Television/cable
    From 2003 to 2006, I lived without a tv. Being a former tv junkie, I thought this was going to be hard. At first it was, but I soon found other things to do which were more productive. After awhile, I didn't even miss it.
  • Land line
    When I moved to my new home in 2008, I didn't have one because I owned a cell phone. And, unless you are still on dial-up (God bless you), a land line is something you can get rid of.
  • A nice or new car
    There are different schools of thought on this one. But if you're not swimming in money or can't pay cash for a new car, forgo buying new. It's said you can lose two to three thousand dollars on a new car purchase after you've driven it out of the lot. As for buying the nice sport car or luxury automobile, exam your motives. Are you just buying to keep up with the neighbors or impress others?
  • Junk
    As my grandma aptly states, “don't buy junk.” Simple advice, but wise. As I'm going through my stuff in preparation for a move, I've realized I have a lot of crap. Most of it, I don't need. Often, when I'm in a store and I find something I want – I really try and analyze what I'm going to use it for and if I can afford it. This will usually help me in my decision to buy or not. (If you already have a lot of junk, Charlie has written a great post on decluttering.)
  • Bottled water
    I'm guilty here, but trying to curtail this one. I'll admit they are convenient and easy to grab on the way out the door. But, they are pricey! And, you (we) could probably live without.

What are some other things you do without that many of us haven't considered?

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  1. Congrats on the savings! That’s great.. (you won’t miss it – too much).

  2. Well, Three Thrifty Guys…we took your advise and canceled the home phone and television today. We will save about $100 per month and find different things to do with our evening time. Thanks for the advise and hopefully we will not miss it. Thank you for the money saving tip.

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