Ways to save on major purchases

When strolling through the mall I often get tempted to impulsively buy some “want.” Here are a few tips that will help give you time to think it over and ensure you are getting the best deal.

  1. Write down the product name or number.
  2. Go home and think – is this something I really need or want?
  3. If the urge is still there and you must have it, then research. Check out product ratings and reviews.
  4. Froogle.google.com it up – I use froogle.google.com for a lot of purchases to scour the web for me and find the best deal on a product.
  5. Promo codes – once I've found the best deal then I find if there are any promo codes for the site I've chosen to purchase my product from. Just use Google.com and type store_name promo code.
  6. Check out ebay for any additional discounts (coupons, codes, etc).
  7. Buy it – now that you've ensured that you can't live without it then buy it.

With these simple steps you'll resist an impulse purchase and you'll ensure you are getting the best possible price. What other steps do you use to help supress your wants and get the best deals?

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