Never pay a late fee again

When it comes to money matters, I don’t think there is anything more infuriating than late fees. Ugh! It’s just like throwing money out with the trash.

With today’s technology and the internet, there is no reason why you should have to pay another one. Here are some tips to help you avoid them. You may have heard them before (or are doing them), but they’re worth repeating.

  • Pay bills through your bank. Most banks today offer a service called “bill pay” via their website. If you don’t see it offered online, ask them. This is a great way to organize and pay all your bills in one place. Many banks offer this service for free and you can be notified via email when one comes due.
  • Pay your bills online through each companies website. Of all the bills I pay, only one does not offer an online service to pay a bill. If you are still leery about using a credit or debit card over the internet, you can be assured online security has come along way since its early days. In the past 7 or 8 years since I’ve been paying bills online, I have yet to encounter a security breach. Again, to avoid the late fee, make sure you use the website’s “alert” feature which can notify you of a bill coming due. Most have this feature.
  • Set up a calendar of bill due dates. Google has a great calendar feature that I utilize. I schedule each bill on it and set up the alert to notify me of it’s approaching deadline. This is a great tool.
  • Double your efforts by marking your at-home calendar. Most of us have a calendar hanging or lying around somewhere. My wife and I create redundancy by marking that up with bill due dates and how much is owed. There are no excuses now if we miss a bill!
  • Put your bills in folders. Because I can be organizationally-challenged, my wife developed an easy system for me using pocket folders. One is a red folder that contains all the bills coming due. The other, is a green folder where I put the paid bills. I can file these later.

These tips have helped me avoid late charges. Is there anything you do to avoid this dreaded nuisance?

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