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There are plenty of live events that do not require an “arm and a leg” to attend.  They are in each of our communities and are lots of fun.  Check the local newspapers and schools, and enjoy the following:

  • Every high school, as well as many grammar and middle schools, hold sporting events all the time.  Most of the time, the cost of admission is either low or free. These events do not only include the major sports of football, baseball and basketball, but also many other sports.  Try going to wrestling matches, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming and many other sports.  The competition is great.
  • If you are near some colleges, you may  enjoy attending their sporting events. While some events like football and basketball may be a bit pricey, most of the other sporting events (and there are many) are reasonably priced.
  • If you have minor league or semi-pro sports teams near your home, consider attending one of their games.  The cost is generally much lower than major league events and the seats are usually better.
  • There are usually plenty of shows throughout the year to choose from in most communities.  Look into middle and high school plays and shows.  You may also have a community theater that puts on shows.  Churches, local colleges, and community groups also put on shows.
  • Many communities also offer free concerts in the summertime.  Going to the local fireworks is also a great show.

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  1. Sara says:

    Great Plains Balloon Race, Sioux Falls, June 12, 2010. Take off 6am and 6pm. Tours of balloons and amazing to see! Or Jazz Fest, Sioux Falls, July 15-17th, 2010. Free event, bring your own food, tons to do!

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