Book recommendation: Be Thrifty

Aaron AvatarI want to tell you about a book that I recently came across from Workman Publishing called Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less. Editors Pia Catton and Califia Suntree note they have not come onto anything new with being thrifty, but write: “For a while, thrift was all but forgotten-as neglected as an old broom at the back of the utility closet, obscured by a pallet load of paper towels. Decades of prosperity, plenty of disposable goods, easy credit, and one-click shopping made the acquisition a legitimate pastime. Frugality seemed hopelessly old-fashioned.”

Throughout their collection of helpful ideas, thoughtfully arranged, they aim to educate the reader on an array of topics including: “how to buy in bulk”, ” how to make your own cleaning products”, “how to clean a hot water heater” and even “how to cut hair”.

Be Thrifty has a real penny attached to its (hard)cover to get you inspired to live a life of thrift. The book is divided into seven chapters: home, sweet (thrifty) home; animal, vegetable, budget; food & the thrifty cook; the family that saves together; taking care of you; living the life of leisure; and thrift & your wallet.

Overall, there are plenty of great ideas here and the $15 book value will probably pay you back several-fold with ways of saving money and living life on the cheap.. er – thrift. We recommend it.

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  1. Hello, I like your blog. This is a great site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, nice job! Thanks Jessica

  2. Sounds like a book that I would like:)!

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