A Conversation With Grandma June on Money.. and Marriage

Aaron AvatarRecently I had the chance to interview my grandma about money (she doesn't mince words). I love hearing about how she lived her life and anything else that may be on her mind. She's great.

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  1. I enjoyed this video! It made me wish I had video taped my grandparents
    in this manner.

    Last week my son (who is about to graduate from high school) questioned
    my mom and her brother about their father (who started his own
    business) and about their career choices. When he was done with all his
    questions. They laughed and called it an interview.

    Your grandma gave great advice, and she is so adorable.

    • Thanks Anita. Sounds like your son is wise to get advice from his elders!

  2. You should ask Grandma June what they did to make extra income back then. Would be interesting to hear more Grandma June tidbits via Twitter.

    • Great suggestion Bill! I’d love to include more insights from Grandma on TTG.

  3. awesome advice Grandma June! BUY WHAT YOU NEED!

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