8 things you can do for (free) fun

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So, it’s the weekend..and you want to go out and spend some of that hard-earned money, right? Well, since you are here let me offer a few ideas that you may wanna check out in lieu of that $9 movie you were going to tonight.

  1. Instead of heading to the theater, check out your local library. Many of you already do this. There are some great titles.. and some of the best movies out there were created well before 2010 (Hint: anything Hitchcock made)
  2. Go for a walk. Look online and check out a new path you and  your significant other have never been on. There are plenty of beautiful state trails out there too.
  3. Take the family to a grocery store or thrift store. Okay, that may not sound all that fun.. but here’s a twist to it. When you get there, make shopping into a contest. See who can find the cheapest product at the store and meet at the front of the store after a given time period.
  4. Read a book with your spouse. Guys, the ladies love this.
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt. This will take some planning, but this can be great entertainment for you and your spouse or a group of friends.
  6. Go putting. If you have a local golf course nearby, you can putt on their practice putting green for free.
  7. Volunteer. This is a great thing to do with others and will give you a warm fuzzy. There are plenty of worthy organizations out there (Here’s one if you are in MN or IL: Feed My Starving Children is a great organization that provides food packets to over 70 countries).
  8. Play games. Board games may have become a thing of the past for some – but they are a great way to have fun as a family or when with friends. My personal favorites: Scrabble or Pictionary.

What are you doing tonight to save money and have fun?

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