7 things you can do to run a more efficient home

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With the Green Movement underway, folks are trying to run things more efficiently and effectively without leaving a large footprint on the earth.

Here’s some things you can do in your home to make it more “earth friendly” – and more budget conscience.

  1. Furnance filters. My builder told me to use the cheapy filters, but just to switch them out every month. This is a nominal investment for preventative maintenance on a high-cost item.
  2. Programmable thermostat. According to Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less, switching to a programmable one can save you about $150 a year.
  3. Energy audit. Call up your local utility company. They’ll likely come out for free and access your energy consumption. They’ll probably give you some great money-saving tips. Don’t forget to ask them about any off-peak usage specials.
  4. Running your dishwasher. According to Stacy Johnson (Life or Debt 2010) you can save up to $50 a year by running the dishwasher only once a week. Or, save more and go old school by hand-drying!
  5. Ceiling fans. Running these will save you more than switching on the AC.
  6. Drapes. “In the winter, open your south-facing drapes during the day to capture heat, then close them at night to keep it in. Do the opposite in the summer,” says Johnson.
  7. Watering. Ever notice when the golf courses water their grass? Best to do it between the early morning hours. It will minimize evaporation.

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