My favorite money saving website is one of my favorite websites for getting great deals on everything from gym memberships to electronics. I visit their website several times a day. My wife loves it when I come home for dinner with two large pizzas for $12.99 that I scored as a slick deal that day.

Before buying any new item I always use the search button at the top of their website to make sure I’m getting the best deal possible. It brings up coupons, promo codes, or advertised sales that I can use to get that item at a cheaper price. I’ve purchased several electronics at much lower prices than you could find at your local department store.

Lastly, if you don’t want to visit the website as frequently as I do :) , then use their deal alert option. After you’ve searched an item, then you can “create a deal alert to be notified whenever a deal on _______ is posted”. For example, here is one I created on Cannon Cameras. Happy Slickdealing!

What is your favorite money saving website?

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