Great Clips Honors Competitors Coupons

Charlie AvatarWith a daily receding hairline and fast growing hair, I get a trim about every two weeks. I go to Great Clips – great for people like me. At Great Clips you do not need an appointment and usually don’t have to wait more than 15 minutes.

I discovered some Great Clips will honor competitors coupons. I once brought in a Fantastic Sams coupon for a $7.99 haircut and it saved me $6 (based on Great Clips $14 men’s hair cut rate). This is a savings of about $12 a month for me. Not a lot – but it adds up!

Be aware though, this deal is only valid at participating Great Clips.

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  1. I too go to great clips and was there on Monday and asked them if they were running any specials soon. They said at all great clips at the end of April for one week all hair cuts would be $7.99. Look for this deal in the coming weeks to be advertised.

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