5 things you can do right now to stop the debt train

Aaron AvatarAs a former “deep-in-debtor” I know the weight of  debts burden. Here are a few helpful things I did to stop my debt-train which got me headed toward financial freedom.

  • Stop the charging. Find all your credit cards and put them somewhere you can't get at em. I've heard some stories where folks keep them frozen in the freezer. Even more drastic, cut them all up.
  • Start a budget. If you have one, start following it. This is a crucial step in getting things on the right course.
  • Get an accountability partner. Preferably, someone who is out of debt or a friend going through the same situation. You can motivate each other.
  • List your debts and start your debt snowball. Focus on the smallest debt and get er paid off first. When that's paid off, take what you were paying on it and roll that payment over onto your next lowest debt. Keep that going.
  • Get another job and cut expenses. This is the painful part. You either have a cash-flow problem or you're spending too much. Or both. Take a second job as a waitress/waitor. And start cutting the “can live without” expenditures.

Remember to be patient and keep focused on becoming debt-free. You can do it.

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