2 helpful books that will motivate you to get out of debt

Aaron AvatarIt's always helpful to hear other peoples stories about how they have gone from “rags to riches”. We think to ourselves, “if they can do it, so can I!” Here's a couple of books I have found helpful and whose authors share their own personal struggles with debt.

When I was first getting myself out of debt, a friend introduced me to a book called, Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first, given the title (you may be too). But, his book did wonders for me. Ramsey's aim is to get folks out of debt. But, he says it isn't easy and will require sacrifice. He has a lot of helpful information and things I had never thought about. He also shares about his personal struggle with debt and how he got free from it.

Another book I've found helpful is Life or Debt 2010 by Stacy Johnson, CPA. This guy has quite the story. The book is also very helpful and is based on six steps which you can take to destroy your debts. He also has worksheets to use and a list of 205 things you can save money on at the back of the book. One of them:

Consider consolidation. Some insurance companies offer substantial discounts for insuring both your home and car. See if yours is one.

Remember, you don't need to buy these new. You can probably get a copy at your local library or shop online and buy a used one. Happy reading!

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  1. I took the Crown Financial study class that’s teaches how to spend money God’s way, one of the topics was getting out of debt. The book used in the class is “Your money counts. I learned so much from the class, I wish i’ve taken it earlier. Paying off my debt is my new hobby, it’s giving me so much joy. I really recommend everybody to read or get into a program to learn how to get out of the debt. I’m proud to report that I’m credit card loan free and do not have any credit card at this point. I’m currently working on student loan.

    • Love your enthusiasm Tshiela. Congrats on being credit card debt free! Keep er going!

  2. I went through Financial Peace University about 18 months ago through our church. Dave Ramsey is awesome and it is well worth going through.

  3. I just finished the Total Money Makeover and thought it was great, very practical… I think my favorite parts were the numerous stories of people who got out of debt, just love seeing people succeed.

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