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How Long Could You Live Without a Paycheck?

Back in 2012 Huffington Post reported that two thirds of American households are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Quoting the results of a survey from the American Payroll Association, they reported that 68% of households would find it “somewhat difficult or very difficult if their paychecks were delayed for a week”. Are you one of the majority who …

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Are You Just Getting By? + Living Wage Calculator

A month or so ago, I stumbled on this neat living wage calculator created by some smart folks at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). I typed in my city and state and was intrigued at the information provided. It lays out in detailed terms what a single person, married persons and married with children would …

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Why Now May be the Best Time to Negotiate Your Salary

Have you recently thought: “when is the best time to negotiate my salary?” Do you do it right before you boss leaves for vacation? After the quarter’s earnings call? On a full moon? When exactly is the best time to ask for a raise? While all of the above may help you in determining the …

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