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Save Money Through a Small Claims Court

2014 June 20
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by Guest

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Small claims courts are a great way to get justice, without having to pay extraordinary legal fees. If your claim’s value is £10,000 or below (England and Wales), you can bring a case against a company or individual. You can apply online, but using a solicitor will be important, particularly those who give clarity on fees such as this Preston solicitors,

Remember that the small claims court will want to see evidence that legal action was a last resort. Make sure you have evidence that you did your best to settle the issue yourself and that you’ve given the defendant ample time to respond. However, if they haven’t got the money to pay you, claiming won’t work. read more…

What Has Charlie Been Up To?

2014 June 18

charlie_imageSo as a lot of you may have noticed, I’ve been spotty over the last couple of months in writing posts, and some of you may be wondering why. Well, I’ve recently started practicing what I’ve been preaching about providing multiple streams of income.

  1. – At the first of the year, Aaron, Laurie, and I started a new niche blog about raising backyard chickens. In January, we launched, which is a guide/blog on how to raise chickens in your backyard.We post weekly videos and blogs about helpful tips in raising backyard chickens, lessons learned, how to tips, recipes, and much more. I’ve been able to leverage the experiences I have with my 26 backyard chickens, and provide insights into the things we have learned.
  2. read more…

End of Spring Book Giveaway

2014 June 16
by Aaron

aaron_image1One of the benefits of having a personal finance site is that often times book publishers and authors gift us with their wonderful finance-related books. The downside to that is we cannot possibly read them all (nor keep em all).

So, we thought we’d do a little late-spring cleaning and give them a new home! We’d love to send them to some of our faithful readers as a thank you for participating in our little community.  read more…

Credit Karma Review: Free Credit Scores (Really)

2014 June 12
by Aaron

aaron_image1A few months ago, Three Thrifty Guys began approaching several companies that we have grown to “like and trust” in hopes they might wish to partner with us by providing sponsorship dollars to the website. In return, TTG would produce some content on their behalf . We are pleased to announce one of these companies that accepted our advances is Credit Karma. You may have seen one of their TV commercials recently touting the “free credit score” they offer (my personal favorite): read more…

5 Ways You Can Save More by Waiting Until the Last Minute

2014 June 9

save more with last minute dealsI’ve recently been reminded of a great way to save more money is by waiting til the last minute to purchase.

I want to share with you different areas that you too can save more money but just holding your horses and delaying the purchase. Of course this doesn’t work in every situation, but if it can fit into your schedule and you’re flexible, you can save some real change.  read more…

What Would You Have Done? Cash and Credit Cards in a Garage Sale Coat

2014 June 2

aaron_image1You may have heard about the college kids who bought an old $20 couch at a nearby thrift store, only to find out later that it contained envelopes of cash totaling over $40,000 inside it! While the kids pondered what they might do with their new-found cash – their consciences got the better of them and they sought out its rightful owner. When they found her – the older woman rewarded the thoughtful students with a $1,000.  read more…

31 Fun and Free Things You Can Do This Summer

2014 May 28
by Aaron

fun and free summer things to doWhenever summer rolls around, immediately those old tv commercials come to mind of the grandpa sitting on his porch, drinking Country Time lemonade as “Memories” plays in the background. It brings back a lot of memories of all the fun times we had growing up, running free and hardly a care in the world. read more…

Walmart Savings Catcher Review: A 30-day Trial

2014 May 21
by Laurie

laurieIn light of Aaron’s recent post on the Walmart Savings Catcher, I thought I’d do a little trial run. Those of you who know my blog know that I’m a huge fan of saving money, and I’m a bit of a cynic at heart. Just because someone says that they offer the lowest prices, I don’t believe them, and I work hard to find the best deals – especially on groceries and toiletries – and pay the least that I can in all circumstances. So when I read Aaron’s post about Walmart’s Savings Catcher, I was intrigued to say the least. Could it really save me money – someone who works fervently to find the best deals anyway?

I decided to do a 30-day Walmart Savings Catcher trial, starting on April 14th, the day of Aaron’s post.  read more…

6 Ways to Boost Your Income by Entering the Forex Markets

2014 May 20
by Greg

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There are literally thousands of traders entering the forex markets and all of them together move about $5 trillion of trading volume each day. That is a lot of money being traded, and some of those traders make significant profits out of this. Having said that, there are risks involved and for every winner there is a loser. Below you will find 7 methods to increase your chances for being successful in forex trading.  read more…

Is Craigslist Really Free?

2014 May 19

craigslist-freeA reader recently alerted us to an interesting factoid regarding the online classified service, Craigslist:

It’s not entirely free.

In case you didn’t know either, here’s a rundown of all that Craiglist charges for (taken from their website):  read more…