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Lower Prices and More Savings at Cub Foods

2014 August 13
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The following post is sponsored by Cub Foods

aaron_image1With all the grocery store price wars going on (namely between the Giant (Walmart) vs. David (your local grocer), there is a concentrated effort to help customers save more at the checkout.

Plus, we’ve all seen the rise in food prices the past few years and many of us are having to tighten our budgets more and more as a result.

To help customers save more at the grocery store, Cub Foods (who are located in Minnesota and Illinois) introduced a handy new feature called the “Load to Card” program where customers can save coupons they find at to their MyCub Rewards card. (Here’s a helpful video that will further explain how to use your Rewards card and the Load to Card feature).  read more…

3 Ways to Save on Textbooks This School Year

2014 August 8
by Matthew

textbooksShopping around for a good deal is textbook money management. But when it comes to actual textbooks, too many students (especially freshmen!!) pay for overpriced books at university bookstores. As I finished college and my wife and I both began purusing graduate degrees, saving money each semester on textbooks became extremely helpful with offsetting the cost of tuition and other fees.  read more…

Is Your House Leaking Money? (Like Ours Is)

2014 August 6
by Aaron

A few years ago I wrote about how our home experienced some water damage related to an ice dam that had built up along our roof which caused water to leak inside the walls of our house. It was our first experience with ice dams and resulted in my learning more than I ever wanted to about their formation.

ice dam claim(For those who don’t know, ice dams build-up when the roof deck is not the same temperature as the outside – so the snow melts, freezes and melts – causing a build-up of ice which eventually creeps its way up past your ice/water barrier – and when that happens all sorts of fun happens. Essentially, your home has an energy leak(s) somewhere which is causing the attic to be warmer than it should be – resulting in a warmer roof.)

We thought we had everything figured out after the clean-up and reconstruction efforts.  read more…

Which States Have the Best Credit Scores?

2014 July 31
by Aaron

A little change of pace today: here’s a fun infographic depicting the states with the best credit scores along with the average credit scores per age group. All of this information (and more) can be found at Credit Karma. If you haven’t done so already, log in to grab a free credit score today (it doesn’t take very long!).

Any surprises?  read more…

How to Save Money on Kids Sports Pictures

2014 July 30

charlie_imageThis summer our family had three young boys in baseball. It goes without saying, we have had an extremely busy summer. We only had two days a week where we didn’t have some type of kids sports commitment.

Along with this time commitment also came a huge financial commitment. For starters, we paid the entry fee for our kids to be in these sports leagues. Secondly, we spent a ton of money on gas by shipping them to and from practices and games. The final expense we were faced with was individual and team pictures.  read more…

Spotify Review – Free Music at Your Command

2014 July 24
by Matthew

A Gary Allan song was the last straw. The song itself was great (Airplanes if you’re wondering), but the $1.29 I had to pay for it irked me more than parting with 129 cents probably should. But it led me to try out some other options for playing music on my computer, because paying for music can add up! Spotify was a program a number of my friends were already using and I thought I would try it. After downloading it, using it, experimenting with it, and asking others about it, the bottom line is this: if you enjoy listening to music, Spotify needs to be a icon on your desktop! read more…

Are Some People Just Born Good Money Managers?

2014 July 21

aaron_image1As I’ve thought more and more about money management and been witness to mine and others money habits, I’ve come to the opinion that I believe to be true:

Some folks are just better with money than others. In other words, they are born “money managers”.

And, before I offend anyone – let me offer a few reasons for why I believe this to be so.

The prefrontal cortex

I recently heard a psychiatrist lecture about addictions and why some people are more susceptible to them than others.

One of the main reasons for folks falling prey to gambling, drug, alcohol (and dare I say, spending/debt) addictions is due to the prefrontal cortex part of our brain.  read more…

How Often Does My Credit Score Change?

2014 July 18
by Laurie

credit-score-changeEver wonder about the answer to this question?  I know I do.  I spent 15 working years in personal and mortgage banking, and among other things, I learned well during that time how important a credit score can be.  read more…

Ooma Business Review With Linx

2014 July 16
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charlie_imageRecently, I was approached by Ooma to write a review on the Ooma Office. So while I’ve had the Ooma home phone service, I’ve been extremely pleased with both the service and price point. Here are the links to my previous Ooma posts [initial setup of Ooma, Ooma after one year and Ooma premium service review]. With those reviews in mind, here are few of my thoughts on the Ooma business.


Easy setup – after removing the base unit, I had my phone service operational within 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to setup, which was easier then the home phone service. The biggest thing to remember in setting it up is to note the device is on the bottom of the unit, and use that to register your Ooma business unit. Make sure you register your unit prior to plugging it in!  read more…

6 Weird Ways to Earn or Save Money

2014 July 14
by Matthew

weird ways to save moneyI came to a conclusion while being shamelessly dressed liked a cow to get a free meal at Chick-Fil-A recently: sometimes you have to be creative to make or save a buck. Am I right? I began reflecting on the interesting, weird and bizarre things I have done all in the name of earning or saving some extra money.

Can you top mine?  read more…