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The Health Benefits of an Affordable Coffee Enema

When my wife first suggested it – I was a little shocked. “You’re going to do what?” “A coffee enema.” Pause. “And, I’d like you to do it with me.” Awkward pause. Oh, the adventures of married life! Ever since my wife began her journey to better health (she deals with chronic pain), she’s seen …

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Protect Your Money Makers

This past weekend I traveled to see my in-laws, and I had a good conversation with my father-in-law while playing cards. I’d mentioned how I had almost hurt my hands, and he said to me, “You need to make sure you protect those money makers.” Hmm. It was interesting that he referred to my hands …

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Thrifty Things You Can Do to Feel Better

As I found out, sometimes feeling better doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or money. For me, just changing my diet was one of the best things I’ve done and helped improve my health tremendously. I’ve been thinking about other – sometimes overlooked – little things we can do to make our lives healthier and better. …

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