How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

charlie_imageThis past year marked our nine year anniversary of using DIRECTV for our TV service. This relationship has lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would. However, that doesn’t go without saying that the relationship hasn’t had its bumps and bruises. Like any human relationship, it’s about give and take, and our experience with DIRECTV hasn’t been anything different.

Here is what our current service looks like:

  • “Total Choice Family Package” – 55 channels – $29.99/month
  • DVR Services – $0.00/month for 12 months (normally a $10/month service)
  • NFL Sunday ticket – until end of 2014 season – $0/month (normally a $325/year service)
  • Showtime – $0.00/month for four months (normally a $14/month service)
  • Taxes/Fees: about $2.22/month
  • Total Monthly Bill: $32.21/month

Some of you might be saying, “How is his bill so low?”, or “How is he getting all those extra services for free?” Part of that has been because I have been a loyal customer for nine years, but it really comes down to using The Disconnection Negotiation.

What is the Disconnection Negotiation?

lower directv billAbout 5 years ago I read of a number of people on that were getting all the things I listed above for $19.99/month for being a new customer of DIRECTV. That really irked my frugal bone, and made me wonder why I couldn’t get the same deal. Being the inquisitive thrifty guy that I am, I called in, and implemented my first trial of The Disconnection Negotiation. Here are the steps you too can utilize to lower your DIRECTV bill:

  1. Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-387-6898
  2. Press option #2 and option #3 to go to the cancel service center
  3. Greet the representative by name and state you’d like to disconnect your service
  4. They’ll ask for your first and last name, and the amount of your last bill. So have that on hand.
  5. State that you’d like to disconnect your service, because the bill is more than you’d like to spend.
  6. The rep will typically say that they are sorry to hear that. Ask if they have any promotional offers that would help you lower your bill and free services that might help you reconsider staying with DIRECTV.
  7. They’ll usually offer $10 off/month, but ask if they’d be willing to throw in some extra channels too.
  8. Talk it over with your spouse, and decide

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It is at this point that you really need to consider, “Is what they are offering me a good promotion or can I get a better deal with Comcast, Dish, or Cox?” If you’ve done your research with your other local providers and have seen what their lowest price offers are, then it will help you make a decision when it comes to step #8.

I’ve used this technique to continually keep my DIRECTV bill low, and it keeps DIRECTV pursuing me as a loyal customer. Even though it takes a little research as to what other options I have with my local providers, the savings will add up.

To give you an example – with my current package – if I had done nothing, I would be paying about $120+ more per year. So basically, if I was lazy, and hadn’t fought for my bill, then I’d be out a lot of money over this next year.

This is one technique I use to lower my DIRECTV bill every month, but I’d like to hear your stories. How do you lower your DIRECTV, Comcast, Cox, or Dish bills? Do you frequently switch providers? Do you use online promotion codes? Please share your money  saving stories!

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  1. Negotiating bills is one of my favorite ways to save money every month Charlie. I’d also add to do your research and know what the competition is offering, if they don’t offer a lot of ammo when negotiating they tell the rep you are considering switching to Netflix and an over-the-air HD antennae.

  2. Marcus says:

    Here are the salaries for the 5 top dogs at Directv. Use these salaries in your calls to Directv:
    Michael White Chairman $12,327,415

    Bruce Churchill $6,107,95

    Larry Hunter $4,610,296

    Romulo Pontual $3,386,320

    Patrick Doyle $3,503,189

    That’s a total of 30 million bucks a year for just five employees. Thing they can lower their prices a tad?

  3. That’s not too shabby of a bill. I’ve heard of people doing this from time to time to score better rates.

    However, I’m just not a big fan of cable companies in general. I don’t like the deceitful tactics they use to keep you on the hook for payments every month. I really hate that, after you threaten to leave, they offer to lower the cost of their service. It’s like they’re admitting they’ve been overcharging you the whole time.

    Anyhoo, I’m scared to death of cable companies now and switch to simple online streaming. I use a Roku to Stream Sling TV (I think it’s $25/mo) and I can cancel whenever I want and don’t have to beg for better rates.

  4. Heather says:

    Thank you for the tips. I simply called and asked if my bill could be lowered without mentioning anything about cancelling my service, and my bill went from $106/mo to $66/mo. All I had to do was promise to stay with them for the next 12 months, which we were going to do anyway. I ended up chitchatting with the service rep for about an hour. Do they pay certain reps just to chitchat with customers to keep them loyal to the company? LOL

  5. Julie says:

    I just called Direct TV and got a $100 credit on my bill! They also said to call back in the morning to ask for promos and continuing service credits!

    • Charlie says:

      Excellent Julie! I’m glad to hear that our money saving tip worked! Make sure you set yourself a calendar reminder on when to call back in 6-12 months to get more savings.

  6. Karl says:

    I must be doing something wrong. I can’t really cancel since I’m only 12 months into a 24 month contract. Their base package listed online is $90/mo. I asked 3 different times through the call if there was any way to lower it even more and they said there wasn’t. They said there was another one that would give me even fewer channels, but it was $89/mo. Should I try again tomorrow and hope for a different rep?

    • J says:

      You have to actually cancel sometimes . My buddy did this today he cancelled service they called him back after 6 hours gave him a 200 gift card. Sunday ticket for free and 53 dollars a month off the bill . They are getting smarter so you really have to go the extra step sometimes .

  7. Dionne Taylor says:

    I feel like Karl, I have been with directv for almost nine years and my bill is terrible. I do have a past due balance, but its still terrible. I have called several times and was only given $5 dollars for 12 months. It’s very frustrating but I will keep trying.

    • Charlie says:

      Dionne – you are right. You need to be persistent. They are getting clever. Make sure you ask to be transferred to the cancellation department. That is the group that will be able to lower your bill.

  8. PK says:

    I have been a DTV customer for 10 years, and I agree that the cost is outrageous. I just celled them to lower the bill and went through the cancellation process. They let me cancel. I gave it a 2-week shut-off window, so it will be interesting to see if they call me back and make an offer. If they don’t, it’s no loss on my part. I can get all of the programming that I want elsewhere.

  9. Rue says:

    I tried this and kept getting the response of “this is why they print the discounts on the bill so you know how much you are saving,” whatever that is meant to do. My bill went from around $32 (start up price) to $70 within a year. She said there was absolutely nothing she could do for me. She refused to even try. Her only option was to get rid of one of my TV’s.

    • Charlie says:

      Sweet Judd! Make sure you set yourself a calendar reminder 12 months from now to call back in and save some more money after your 12 month discount expires! Glad to hear it worked! Thanks for letting us know.

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