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charlie_imageLast month I had a friend from church approach me, and asked, “Have you ever heard of Republic Wireless?” He went on to say they offer the Moto X phone and a plan at just $25 per month. It really caught my attention, seemed like a great option and included unlimited texting/data. I had to try it out and see if this wireless provider was all that my friend had touted it to be.

Republic Wireless Moto X PhoneIn walking through the website and signing up for phone and service I was immediately caught by how easy to use and clean that the website was presented. With a lot of these discount cell phone service providers, you often find the website and ordering process cumbersome. Not Republic Wireless!

Since I’ve had the phone over the past month, I’ve had plenty of time to see the pros and cons, and weigh it against the other cell phone services I’ve reviewed (Virgin Mobile Review and Walmart Family Mobile Review) and currently use. Here are few of the key features of the phone and its services. 

  • Price and Money savings – currently Republic Wireless offers the Moto X phone for $299 with no contract. Along with the Republic Wireless Plansphone they offer four different plans, but I took advantage of the $25/month plan.  Amortized over the course of a year the phone and service end up costing about $50/month and if you keep the phone for two years, then it drives the cost down to $37.50/month.  When compared to the basic data and cell coverage from Verizon or AT&T, Republic Wireless offers a saving of $30-50/month, which is quite significant.
  • Usage of wifi from home – the way that Republic Wireless is able to offer such cheap service on their services is that their phone will utilize your home WiFi internet connection for both data and cell calls. This way they won’t be using their cell towers to provide you these services. In reading some other reviews prior to purchasing the phone I discovered that people got disconnected or degraded phone service when they backed out of their garage and headed down the road. The reason being that the phone has to make a smooth transition off your home wifi and use their cell towers. I tried this out the first day I had the phone, and had no problems at all. It truly is amazing how the phone can transition off your wifi and not miss a beat in moving to cell phone coverage.
  • Coverage map – Republic Wireless primarily uses the Sprint network towers and will utilize the Verizon towers when a Sprint network tower isn’t available. Here is a link to their coverage map if you have any questions. In traveling back to our farm in Northwest Iowa I was most impressed with their data and phone coverage no matter where I was at! I’ve test out a number of other cell providers and none of the discount providers offered anything close to the Republic Wireless coverage! For that I give them a big five star rating. However, when I was “roaming” on the Verizon cell towers I did notice I had significantly degraded bandwidth compared to my wife’s Verizon iPhone. I even used my Ookla Speedtest analyzer and got about .12 Mbps down and .10 Mbps up while roaming. I have to assume that when you are roaming that you are put on the lowest priority with the Verizon towers to keep costs down. So be keenly aware of their roaming areas before purchasing the phone.
  • Ease of use – all cells phones should be as easy to use as the Moto X on Republic Wireless. Within 15 minutes of receiving the phone in the mail, I had cell, data, and texting functioning. How come every time I go into a Verizon or AT&T store it feels like it takes them an hour to get my entire phone setup? Not this phone! On top of that, the OS functions flawlessly, and I have had no errors or problems in using any app on the phone. The phone is so intuitive that even my 90 year old Grandma could use it!

Here is a great review I used in making my decision:

Final thoughts: I love Republic Wireless! I do! I’m not ashamed to say it in public either. This is one of those products that I’ll tell all my friends and family about, because I’v been so impressed. Plus, I’m not getting paid to write this review, but this is just my opinion. I’ve been so impressed with the service, coverage and functionality of the phone that I’m planning on switching from my cheap (pay-as-you-go) phone service over to Republic Wireless. Next week I’m planning on porting over my old phone number. Honestly, if you are using any of the major cell carrier services, then you need to look at Republic Wireless as a much better and cheaper option. Don’t take my word for it, but try out the phone for the 30 day trial for yourself.

I’d be interested to hear from our readers on 1) how much do you pay per month for your cell services, and 2) what features data, texting, etc, do you get under your existing plan?

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Republic Wireless

Plans starting at /month10
Republic Wireless

Ease of use




      Customer Service





          • Affordable plans + phones
          • Transfer existing cell phone number
          • Very easy to get setup
          • Switch plans up to 2x a month
          • No contract


          • Need to purchase a cell phone
          • No warranty
          • Some very minor bugs with phone (Moto G)
          • Data limits at 2G most plans

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          1. Paul F says:

            Great review. I thought I would leave a couple notes that might clarify some of your observations….

            For one, the roaming speeds you observe are due to the fact that you are roaming in 2G or in the CDMA world, it’s called 1xRTT. Sprint’s roaming agreements (and thus Republic Wireless) restrict phones to 2G on all roaming carriers. Also, Sprint/Republic Wireless roam on more than Verizon. They also use other CDMA carriers like US Cellular. If you are a ‘native’ Sprint customer, when you roam, you will also be limited to 2G (I know this since I still am a Sprint customer but am considering Republic Wireless). The other thing to note is that you are very limited in your data cap when you roam (both on Sprint as well as on Republic Wireless). I believe it’s only in the 100’s of MB per month but at 2G speeds, it would take a while to exceed those numbers).

            Republic Wireless is superior to other Sprint MVNO’s like Virgin Mobile and even Boost Mobile in that those carriers don’t allow roaming off the Sprint Network.

            The other enticing thing is they are releasing the Moto G this month for 1/2 the price of the Moto X so that can be a very affordable option for people who just need basic Smartphone service.

            • Charlie says:

              Paul – EXCELLENT feedback! This is probably one of the most detailed and thorough comments I’ve ever received in our three years of writing this blog! Thanks for reading.

          2. Wesley says:

            I’ve been on Republic for over 4 months now and I have not been disappointed. When I switched from Verizon I went all-in and went with the $10, no cellular data, plan and while my usage patterns have had to change it fits with my lifestyle just fine. With so much of my life spent at home and at work, both of which are covered in Wifi, I very rarely end up needing to use cellular data.

            One of the things that you don’t mention is the ability to change plans twice a month at no fee. I have used this a few times when going on trips so that I would have cellular data on my phone, which is very handy of course, while not having to pay for it all the time.

            I would encourage anybody who is thinking about switching to look at their usage patterns and how much of their life is spent under wifi coverage. If you are like me you could save a bit more money every month while still having the ability to “activate” cellular data in your back pocket.

          3. Susan says:

            I have been a Republic Wireless subscriber for five months now(Verizon before that) and am happy in making the switch. I am not very tech savy so I was a little bit apprehensive; in fact, when I made the move to the service and with Moto X phone I had still been using a flip phone! With encouragement from family I made the switch. I have the $25 dollar plan and with tax my monthly bill has been $29.16; it is a $17/ month savings from my old plan and that was with no data! I highly recomment Republic.

          4. dwight schrute says:

            Agree it’s a very good plan
            The phone is also a good device imho
            Good battery life and minimal bloat-ware

          5. I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer since mid-January and, like others who have already commented, I’m very satisfied so far. I have the Moto X and find it to be a great, well-rounded phone. I’m on the $40/month 4G, unlimited everything plan (the highest available). When I’m outside of my home WiFi zone, it defaults to 3G for now, but that is supposed to change this month when Sprint upgrades their towers in this area (I’m in NW Ohio). I’ve traveled to south Michigan and a certain part of Toledo, where I’ve experienced 4G, and it’s very fast. This is an efficient phone that doesn’t drag or freeze like my previous smart phone did.

            I came on board because of my brother’s strong recommendation. We both took advantage of another benefit through Republic Wireless. Because he referred me, he received a free month of service, and I also received a discount equal to the amount that he received.

            The only feature that my previous phone had, which this one doesn’t, was the ability to set an alarm, turn the phone off for the night, and still have it go off in the morning. That’s a very small thing, though. Otherwise, I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

          6. Simon @ strengthenyourshot says:

            One of the factors that you do not discuss is the capability to modify programs twice monthly at no fee. I have used this a few periods when going on visits so that I would have mobile information on my cellphone, which is very useful of course, while not having to pay for it all time. Thanks.

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