How to Teach Your Kids About Money Booklet

aaron_image1Did you know that 76% of students wish they had more help preparing themselves for their own personal finances? (from the Hartford Financial Services Group).

Enter our very own contributing writer, Laurie to write a helpful, easy-to-read booklet on how to teach your kids about money. A homeschooling mother of 4 children, she’s put these methods into practice.

In the booklet, she discusses:

  • Foundational Principles for Parents
  • 5 Fundamentals Kids Must Learn About Money
  • And, more!

The cover was designed by Laurie’s artistic teenage daughter, Maddie.

Laurie spent 15 years in the banking and mortgage industry, where she first developed her love for education in the area of personal finance. From there she chose a career in homeschooling her 4 children. She also, in 2008, started a tutoring center for homeschooled kids that served roughly 120 students per year, where tutors taught them different subjects such as math, science, foreign languages and art. Laurie retired from that position at the end of 2010 to simplify her life and focus more on schooling her own children. Even more eager for a simple life, Laurie, her husband Rick and their children moved to a small hobby farm, where she now keeps busy teaching their kids, managing their home and family finances, working toward self-sufficiency and doing work as an author, freelance writer and editor. You can learn more about her writings and her daughter Maddie’s writings at their sites, and

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