Friday Finds 8/30

– Too much education may be bad for your health

– Need some help with your resume? This lady will do it for $20k

– A neat look at the stock market since 1900

– American’s waste $34 billion worth of vacation pay per year (via Mandi Woodruff)

– With a 401k, women save less and default more (via Jean Chatzky)

5 must-haves for the modern employee

– Many American’s are confused by 401k retirement plans (you?)

– How much more do you think it would cost to make a smartphone in the US vs China? (Answer: $4)

5 things that prisoners get to have in prison (via Frugal Dad)

– According to survey, only 3 in 10 checking accounts are free

– Treasury says US will hit debt limit in mid-October (oh, brother – this again?)

Neat look at how to pay off $38k in student loans in 18 months (via YNAB)

– 900,000 people dropped cable in the past year + alternatives to cable

– If you won $10 million in the lottery – would you keep working? (most say “yes”)

– Motivation to pay off that debt (via The Frugal Farmer)

– Reminders prompted by the passing of a former high school classmate (via Matt Bell)

– Why millions of jobs are going unfilled

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