Friday Finds 8/2

– American’s spend $10 billion a year on psychotherapy

10 things you probably didn’t know about money (coins have ridges to guard against counterfeiting)

– Working class are gloomy about the future amid rising income gaps

Get one of these modems if you don’t wanna pay Time Warner’s monthly rental fees (which are going up)

– Disney used to help persuade American’s to pay their taxes

Coupon company says “rich, smart people” use coupons

– 21.6 million millennials lived with their parents in 2012, Pew says

– How to recover from a blown budget month (The Frugal Farmer)

– Is giving a sign of spiritual maturity? (ChristianPF)

– John shares common sense things he wished he knew before entering college (Frugal Rules)

5 budget killers to avoid (One Smart Dollar)

– Elizabeth shares an interesting “payment vacation” for those who double-up on their mortgage payments

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