Friday Finds 7/5

– Father of the 401k says it fails most Americans

– Law requires Chinese to visit their aging parents

Master the art of delayed gratification to improve your personal finances (Good Financial Cents)

How to keep your ice cream from crystallizing (I hate this)

– The high cost of wasted printer ink

– Answers to your questions on the doubling of student loan interest rates this past week (US Dept of Ed Blog)

– The Frugal Farmer and others bloggers are giving away $480 (ends in 16 days)

– Which car insurer offers the most discounts (Bankrate)

– Some 4th of July (and beyond) discounts (Coupon Sherpa)

How to volunteer with your pet (a great way to bless others with your furry friend)

– Financial must-haves for the first-time homebuyer (Wisebread)

Thanks to all who contributed to offset reader Jill’s dental bill – her thank you is in the comment section

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