Friday Finds 7/12

– Would you give up 7% of your income for the next 10 years, if investors paid off your student loan?

Frugal tips for every year of your child’s life (0-18 years) (Wisebread)

– Interesting graphic of how much some rappers are really worth (though they talk big game)

Fixing things is often a better financial decision than buying new (Bible Money Matters)

– Would you pay off a loan if it was going to be forgiven in 10 years?

– US consumer borrowing up $19.6 billion; credit card debt highest since 2010

– Regarding any student loan deal in the Senate: lower it now, but raise it in 3 years

– Making bread: a lesson in patience (The Road Not Chosen)

– The spender and the saver – which one are  you? (Young Adult Money)

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