Friday Finds 6/7

– The Frugal Farmer offers ways to save money on groceries

– 5 mortgage mistakes first-time homebuyers should avoid

– If you’re a fan of Duck Dynastyyou’ll enjoy Phil’s book Happy, Happy, Happy (dude loves hunting – but Jesus more)

– J$ asks: Which is harder – paying off debt or saving money?

– How to budget when you don’t want to

– And while you’re creating that budget – make sure you have some goals

– Would you wipe your butt with a used napkin?

– DC shares how he fared at his garage salehow’d you do?

– Kraig shares 6 things he’s not buying with his stash of cash

– Worrying doesn’t help – take action!

– The talented Donna Freedman featured us over at MSN Money

– And, we wrote a post for Purdue University: 6 student discounts to take advantage of

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  1. says:

    My wife and I are looking forward to the next season of Duck Dynasty. The scenes might be 100% staged but the show still manages to be entertaining. I will probably check out Phil’s book on Kindle when it gets a little cheaper.

    • Aaron says:

      @Zimmy – the wife and I have been reading it on Kindle. Pretty good – but lots of hunting details I didn’t care too much about.

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