Friday Finds 10/12

– Pizza Hut is offering anyone free pizza for life if they ask one of the Presidential candidates “Sausage or Pepperoni?” at the town-hall debate on Oct. 16

– During the month of October, kids stay, play and eat free in San Diego at 100 participating partners

– Are you getting a refund from AMEX or Discover?

– Not too sure what to think about these photo’s of Paul Ryan (safe to view)

– Enter to win $100,000 worth of gold or cash by watching the first episode of Gold Rush Season 3

– See how money can influence politicians while learning about politics through this unique card game

– 13 things that are causing your bills to skyrocket (SavvySugar)

– Why not try that DIY project? (MoneyCrush)

– Free and simple ways to do good (ModestMoney)

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