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How to Make Swiffer Wet Jet Refill

2012 September 10

About three years ago I was sick of paying $4.99 for the Swiffer Wet Jet Refills, and wanted a cheaper solution. I could have gone with the classical mop and bucket route, but I liked the design and functionality of the Swiffer Wet Jets. So I started playing around with refill bottles and started looking how I could refill them on my own. After working with the cap for about 10 minutes in the garage and gathering some cleaning fluid I came up with the following process to remove my swiffer wet jet bottle and refill it for about $.10/bottle. Here are the steps I use to refill my wet jet bottles and save me and my family a ton of money!

  1. Supplies needed – Pledge floor cleaner, 1.47L of water, 1/4 measuring cup, wise grip, and an empty Swiffer wet jet bottle.
  2. Remove wet jet cap – use the vice grip to take it off counter clockwise
  3. Add Pledge – add about 1/8 of a cup (half the 1/4 measuring cup) to the empty swiffer bottle.
  4. Add Water – add warm water to the swiffer bottle
  5. Screw on cap – by hand
  6. Secure cap with wrench
  7. Insert full bottle into swiffer wet jet – enjoy your new refilled wet jet bottle that only cost you $0.10

Now to compound your savings even more look at making your own wet jet pads. Here is a great tutorial blog on how to make your own wet jet pads that are reusuable and environmentally friendly (washable).

 Happy cleaning and saving money!

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An IT professional, Charlie also buys and sells liens, lives on the cheap, runs marathons and helps to run his family farm. In his spare moments, he raises 3 children, does the dishes and writes one post a week. His former blog, Frugal Retirement Plan, has been cited by US News and World Report.

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