Starting a Black Friday Budget

At BradsDeals, our Christmas comes early. About a month early to be exact, as we are wholeheartedly obsessed with Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year brings millions of shoppers to the doors of retailers at odd hours of the night and drops online prices to all time lows. Black Friday is just over three months away and that means it’s time to start preparing. What’s on your list this year? Whether it’s a TV, a tablet, or a something else you’ve been eying, we’ve got some tips on how to plan for Black Friday now.

  • Start saving now! While you’ll find many items at their lowest prices, that doesn’t mean you should spend all of your hard earned paycheck on Black Friday. Or, even worse, buy something that will plunge you into debt. Put aside just $20 per week and you could save $320 by Black Friday. That’s likely enough for a 40” HDTV! Think you don’t have a dollar to spare? Try packing your work lunch a couple days per week or driving less. If lunch out costs $7 and you get it three times per week, you could save $336 by December just by skipping it.
  • Know what you want: Don’t get caught up in all the glitz and advertising and purchase items you don’t need or didn’t plan on getting. Can you live without this item? How often will you use it? If you have to seriously think about either of those questions, you probably should skip it.
  • Is it cheapest on Black Friday? While Black Friday is often the best time to buy anything, we’re here to debunk that myth. Search quickly online and you should be able to discern when the product you want to buy is going to be at its lowest price. This chart from ConsumerReport has a nice breakdown. For Black Friday, electronics will most likely be at all time price lows whereas toys and jewelry will probably experience a deeper discount later in the year.
  • Check out Start checking Black Friday by BradsDeals the week before and especially through midnight the night of Black Friday. We’ll publish all the store ads as soon as we get our hands on them, as well as some deals of our own!
  • Cash in Your Rewards Points: Are you a smart credit card user who has been collecting rewards points as you shop? Now may be the time to take advantage of those.
  • Cash in Your Change: Do you have a piggy bank or the tendency to have change fall from your pockets into the couch? There’s no better time than now to see how much your furniture and that pretty pink pig have been collecting for you.
  • Purge for Cash: Chances are you’ve got books, clothes, or furniture lying around your house that gets little use. Why not make extra money by selling it? Take a look through your stuff and register with Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist to sell your items online. Or take a walk to the local thrift or consignment store and see what they’ll take. You’d be surprised how much you can make just by doing a little house cleaning.

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