How to Change the Code on Your Garage Door Opener

We are getting new renters in a property that we own and so I recently needed to reset the code on the garage door opener. For many of you, this is a no-brainer – but for me – it takes all my brain. After I researched how to do it – changing the code is really quite easy.

Follow these steps and you’ll have ‘er changed in no time. Most garage door openers work in the following manner. If yours looks a lot different, I would recommend you consult your manual or check the back of your garage door opener. There should be directions there. 

  1. Figure 1
    Our garage door opener has a keypad and a remote. Having both makes things convenient if we happen to leave the house and forget the remote or your keys. First things first – make sure your batteries are working in both the remote and the keypad. Most keypads will take a 9V battery, while the remote will take a small round battery labeled 2032 (of course, yours may be different).
  2. Next, check out the back of the opener that is attached to the ceiling of your garage. You’ll likely see something similar to figure 2. You’ll want to check for the “learn button” or something that looks like a button. These are typically blue or red. When you find it, hold it down for about 6 seconds to reset the opener. Typically, a light next to the button will go out OR your lights attached to the opener will start to flicker. Everything should be reset and none of your remotes or keypad should be working at this point.
    Figure 2
  3. Now to set the code – hit the “learn button” again so that the little light next to it lights up. You’ll have about 30 seconds or so to enter a new code on your keypad. Make sure it’s something you won’t forget! :) When you enter the new code, the light attached to the garage door opener will go on and off. The code is now set.
  4. Next, you’ll want to make sure your remote is synced up to the new code. All you need to do now is to hold up your remote to the back of the garage door opener, and press down (and hold) on your remote and then press the “learn button”. Let go of the remote button AND the “learn button” at the same time. Make sure it took – and hit the remote. It should now open up the garage door.
  5. Easy huh? If these steps didn’t take care of it – do make sure you consult the back of your opener as the directions could vary from device to device.

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  1. Diane O says:

    This totally works and in less than a minute both my keypad and opener were functioning appropriately! Thank you so much three thrifty guys! you guys are awesome.

  2. Brett says:

    My keypad periodically works. I’ve followed the steps and still it doesn’t work. Once I press the learn button for 6 seconds to the codes, I press the learn button again then reset the code. Once I do this, the lights never blink or click to indicate it has been learned. I’ve also replaced the batteries in key pad. Any thoughts?

    • Aaron says:

      Hey Brett. Sounds like you are doing the right steps. I wonder if it’s a technical problem? Is the opener brand new? Has it ever worked? I’m sure you’ve thought of this – but thought I would throw a couple ideas out there.

  3. Paul Ferguson says:

    How do I clear the code in the remote control? My remote will open my neighbor’s garage door. I have reset my opener and reprogrammed it to my remote, but it still opens his door and mine. The neighbor is not available to reprogram his opener, so I would like to clear my opener and my remote so I can start from scratch. Thanks, Paul

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Paul. Wow – I’ve always wondered if this could happen. Guess so! From reading about others with a similar problem online, it seems that your neighbor may have an older garage door opener OR it is something to do with dip switches that need to be changed on the garage door opener. Since this is such an odd issue, I would definitely call a garage door expert to get the best answer.

  4. Erin says:

    Thank you! I had managed to change my code, but had no idea I needed to do anything with the remote. All working again following your advice :)

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