What Having a 0800 Number Can Do For Your Brand and How it Can Save You Money

In the current financial climate it’s more important than ever for business owners to make their brand as attractive as possible. One way that you can attract more business and retain a loyal client base is by using an 0800 number that allows customers to contact you for free.

If you’re thinking of switching to an 0800 then read on to discover the many benefits of offering a free phone service to customers.

Present a professional image
The largest and most successful companies provide toll free numbers for clients and when you do the same it makes your company appear professional and successful.

Encourage potential clients to call
As well as helping to retain your client base and making it easy for existing clients to call you, using a free phone number will also encourage potential clients to call because they won’t be charged to get in touch with you.

Use just one number
it’s really important that customers can contact you quickly and easily so having different numbers for different parts of your business can be detrimental. When you use a toll free number you use one number for everything, making contacting you a doddle and helping to streamline your business.

Easy to recall and customize
when you use free phone your number will be easier to remember, especially if you do business nationally. In addition you can customise your free phone number to reflect your brand or make it even easier for customers to recall.

Easy set up
Incredibly you can set up your own free phone number through an 0800 number shop in less than one day. Having a free phone number will help attract custom from people who don’t want to pay premium prices for calls. You’ll also be able to collect and analyse data from the calls you receive so you can learn more about your customers.

Money saving
Through the extra customer loyalty that has been gained by using the 0800 number, this is likely to bring you more customers through word of mouth from positive recommendation from your current customers. So while the 0800 number does actually save you money at the start in the long run more customers will be attached to your business.

Author Bio
This article was provided by Gerard who writes articles for 08Direct, who provide a 0845 number service.

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