Short Term Investments in the Financial Market

A few months ago I got the opportunity to take a tour of the U.S.A, the tour lasted 21 days and we visited states in the south, west, mid-west and east of the country. In total we visited 12 different states over the 21 day period, and I must say that each state was unique in its own right, they all had remarkably different cultures but their primary focus was almost always the same thing, money and how to make more of it. The way I see it most Americans are very ambitious when it comes to financial gain and they are natural hustlers! English people on the other hand are much more conservative with their ambitions and are happy to settle with what they see as a normal life (family, secure job, mortgage, loans), rather than take financial risks that could either make them mega-rich or leave them in financial ruin!

I was once one of these people, happy to settle for the normal life, that I believed was perfect but my visit to the U.S changed my perspective on life, it instilled a hunger in me that was always present but had never been stirred! The last few days of our tour we spent in New York City, and on the first day we were given a tour of Wall Street and the stock exchange, and let me tell you, nothing can prepare you for the noise and adrenaline levels in and around the building, not to mention all the money being transacted. This is where I gained my sense of hunger, as I hung around even after the tour finished and I happened to run into a group of elated traders, who upon noticing my accent offered to take me for a drink at their local bar. I was hesitant at first but after being assured that they would get me back to my hotel safely I went along, and am I happy I did, this “drink” turned out to be more beneficial to me than even going to a university for three years! These traders showed me how I could get in on the ‘action’ as they called it, they didn’t give me secrets or anything of that nature, what they did was show me that with a little research and determination, I could take a fraction of my savings and turn it into a small fortune. They showed me that for a small amount of money I could go online and start making profits by doing short term investments in the financial market, and this is exactly what I have been doing since my return. I took a small fraction of my monthly salary and started doing some spread betting with a company called Cantor Index who I believe offer the best user friendly service for these investments. By doing some careful predicting I have managed to make over half my yearly wage in under two months, and this is in part thanks to Cantor’s novice account structure which gives you the ability to automatically cap your losses, this way you only lose a predetermined amount of your investment if the market does not play in your favour!

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