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How to Register at Uber

2014 November 19

how to register at uberI’m sure you have heard all the fuss about a new ride-sharing service called Uber. The gist of it is that Uber uses Average Joe drivers that have cleared their background checks and hooks them up with folks that need rides to and fro via their smartphone app.

Now, the “drivers” could be anyone, really. A college student, a stay-at-home mom, or retired Uncle John who wants to earn a little side cash. Uber requires that the driver pass their background check and their car be in excellent condition (year 2005+). There are also professional drivers in the mix as well.

Why use Uber?

Good question. Right now the service is available in most of the major metropolitan cities in the US and they’ve started expanding into other large cities around the globe.

Let’s say you’ve just landed in New York and you don’t know a soul. You could dial up a driver and have someone at your beckon call within minutes. Fees vary by the distance you want to travel – but they are very price competitive to taxi services.

I haven’t used the service yet (I want to try it for a Part 2 follow-up to this post), but when I tried accessing a driver on my smartphone, it told me that I could have a driver at my front door within 4 minutes. Not bad for suburb dwelling.

As more and more buy into this ride-sharing idea/service, I think fees could come down even more and be a win-win for all involved. You could save on gas, pollution and wear/tear of your car.

How to register

So, here’s a quick video of registering for Uber online using your laptop/desktop computer. It’s also very easy to sign-up on your smartphone. You’ll just need to confirm registration via text or email.

Have you tried Uber? And, what’s been your experience with it. Is it fairly affordable?

A Couple Websites That May Help You Lower Your Medical Bills

2014 November 13

At work the other day we were notified that our medical insurance rates would be going up another 5% next year. While I was a bit disappointed at the increase, I don’t think this is all that bad considering the climate and direction of healthcare costs.

Are your insurance rates going up next year?

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How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

2014 November 10

charlie_imageThis past year marked our nine year anniversary of using DIRECTV for our TV service. This relationship has lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would. However, that doesn’t go without saying that the relationship hasn’t had its bumps and bruises. Like any human relationship, it’s about give and take, and our experience with DIRECTV hasn’t been anything different.

Here is what our current service looks like: read more…

5 Easy Steps to Install Your Ooma Telo

2014 November 7
by Aaron

Since you hear us mention the Ooma Telo device at the site frequently, we thought it would be neat to create a helpful “how-to” infographic with our friends (and current site sponsors) from Ooma. We want to show how easy the device is to install and set-up. You can literally have it up and running in a matter of minutes! read more…

9 Things to Buy at the Thrift Store

2014 November 6
by Aaron

thrift store itemsOne of my favorite things to do is to stroll into a local Goodwill store and just browse around for awhile. It’s like going on a treasure hunt every time – you never know what you might find!

Most thrift stores offer thousands of items. Many of these items could take the place of what you are routinely purchasing at other stores (and for less money!). read more…

Money Saving Tips That Require Spending Money

2014 November 3

charlie_imageOften times frugal people have a hard time parting with their money. I’m no exception. It is hard. It contradicts your nature, and what seems “normal” to you. However, their are times where spending a little money upfront will save you a lot of money long term.

A couple of good case in points are cell phones without contracts, tv services, or renewable energy sources. All of them come with a large upfront investment and either no or a small monthly fee. However, if amortized over the life of the product, the total average costs will have you saving money vs not making any change at all (aka being lazy). read more…

Don’t Forget Your Birthday Bonuses

2014 October 28
by Aaron

Since it only comes around just once a year, don’t forget to take full advantage of all the gifts and birthday bonuses that you might receive from your favorite restaurants and businesses.

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I wanted to run down some of the benefits that I received from turning another year older. read more…

Beware of “Sleeper” Subscription and Service Fees

2014 October 21
by Aaron

sleep-feesI came across this somewhat disturbing Reddit post today about a man whose elderly father had been paying an AOL subscription that he hadn’t been using for over 10 years! When he broke it down – his father had essentially paid out over $2,500 in worthless fees! Ouch. read more…

How to Get Free Books, CDs and DVDs Through Swapping

2014 October 14
by Aaron

I recently picked up a few audiobooks from the library along with a book called, Retiring Well on a Poor Man’s Budget. While I’m not retiring any time soon – I thought it would be an interesting read. The book contains over 1,000 ways to stretch your income and “enjoy your golden years”.

They list a few really neat websites that I’ve never heard of – but want to pass along to you. Owned by the same company – one site is called another and the last,

These sites have been around awhile – and contain a lot of books/DVDs/CDs that are available for swap ( alone has over 4 million books ready to be swapped!). And, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to sign-up. read more…

Ooma 2 Years Later – How the Savings Add Up

2014 October 8
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by Charlie

charlie_imageIt has been 7+ years since I ditched my old land line, and 2 years that I have been using Ooma as my preferred home phone service.

In 2007, I was using Qwest (now CenturyLink) home phone service, which was costing me $41/month and didn’t include long distance phone service (I used calling cards…remember those?). That year (February 2007) I heard about a new VOIP provider, called Sunrocket, offering 2 year unlimited phone service for $199. Without giving it a second thought I made the switch and swung my home phone service over to them. By July 2007, Sunrocket was bankrupt, and my phone service was no longer operational. DOH! Let’s just mark that up as a bad choice. :( read more…