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How to Find Unclaimed Money, Credits for Your Cell Phone Bill and More

2015 March 4

Everyone likes freebies and special offers. Here’s a few places around the web where you can get free things and keep a few more bucks in your pocket! We hope to continue this feature every month. Please let us know if you have found any other free stuff around the web or elsewhere.

Find unclaimed money

Mark mentioned this site several years ago here – but I always feel it is worthy of another mention. Every now and then, I check this site myself – just in case something pops up on it that I may not know about. Instead of sifting through each state’s website, aggregates a listing of property or money that has not been claimed by individuals. Try and enter your name or someone you love – and you may get a pleasant surprise!  read more…

What I Learned From Giving Away $60,000 (and Other Insights From the Hidden Cash Creator)

2015 February 27

hidden cashYou might be familiar with the “Hidden Cash” events that popped up around the US last year. They were organized by successful real estate investor and businessman, Jason Buzi, who was looking for creative ways to do good and give back. We were honored to interview him last summer as these secret giveaways were underway and making news.

Buzi eventually decided to end the events – but continues to give back to his followers and others. We were curious what he learned from this experience and any other insights he was willing to share with us.  read more…

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

2015 February 23
by Aaron

Let me just tell you – I’m no handyman. Most of my repairs are done with the aid of YouTube and the help of a trusted professional. So, when my wife said she had gotten something stuck in the garbage disposal the other day and it wasn’t working, my first thought was to think about who I knew that might be able to fix it.

Against my better judgment (and my better half), I decided to have a look underneath the sink and I started to tinker around.  read more…

How to Enable Ooma’s Expanded Blacklist Feature

2015 February 20
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by Charlie

charlie_imageLately, I’ve been getting a lot of annoying telemarketing calls and requests for donations on my home phone. Even though I’m on the “Do Not Call List”, I still have to deal with these folks. Luckily, since I have Ooma Premier services, I am able to leverage their new call blocking services. Ooma calls this new feature “Expanded Blacklisting”. Here is step by step process on how to take advantage of Ooma call blocking service.  read more…

7 Ways to Save Money Through Your Employer

2015 February 18
by Aaron

This post originally appeared on Three Thrifty Guys in 2010. Thought it was worth republishing again in 2015, in case you missed it.

One of your best ally’s in saving more money could be right next door to your cubicle: your employer. While every company is different, a majority of employers offer various perks to keep their people happy. Taking advantage of these could save you some decent change!

See if your workplace participates in any of the following:  read more…

How Much We Earned in Credit Card Rewards Last Year

2015 February 13

credit card rewardsIn 2013, I decided to share with our readers what we earned from using our credit cards sparingly over the course of the year. The total came to about $150.

Since that time, we decided to take advantage of these cash rewards a little more because they were fairly lucrative (as far as credit card rewards go). It seems that more and more cards are turning to rewards to help spur spending (and, I would assume) leads to folks not paying off the balances every month.  read more…

Head to a Small Town to Save Money on Entertainment (and More)

2015 February 11

Last week I helped my mother celebrate her 70th birthday by taking her out for a little dinner and movie. I was glad to be able to spend the time with her and didn’t think twice about spending money (which I think is important to do – even us thrifty types).

My mom lives in a small town with a population of about 5,000. It’s a nice little place with friendly and hard-working folks. Mom told me the other day that it takes her awhile to get through the grocery store sometimes because she runs into so many folks she knows.  read more…

Charlie’s Gift Card Challenge – Results (January 2015)

2015 February 9

charlie_imageOn January 1st, my family and I started our first ever gift card challenge. After Christmas we had accumulated $520 of gift cards and cash from the holiday season. When we added them all together it was hard to believe we had gotten so much converted cash.

Before the end of the year I approached my wife and asked her if we could survive on these gift cards for 21 days. With not knowing what we were stepping into and very little convincing needed, my wife and my kids set out to accomplish our goal.  read more…

Purchases We Make Our Great Grandparents Would Shake Their Heads At

2015 February 4
by Aaron

things grandparents would shake their heads atRecently, my friend Dave and I were visiting a burrito establishment for their BOGO offer and discussing life and money-matters. The subject soon turned to “things we purchase today that our grandparents would shake their heads at”. Knowing the generation that came before us has endured quite a bit by way of the Great Depression and war – thriftiness became a way of life for most.

While pondering this question for awhile – here’s a few things we came up with.  read more…

How to Make Sure Your Taxes Are Done Correctly

2015 January 30
by Aaron

Unfortunately, there is no way around doing your taxes. You either need to do ‘em yourself OR get someone knowledgeable enough about tax law to do them.

To top it off, you want to make sure they are done right.

A couple years ago, I wrote about how the Government Accountability Office (GAO) did a study where they visited 19 different tax preparers. What they found was astonishing:  read more…