Don’t Beat Yourself


If you’re a golf fan like me, you may have watched 21-year old Jordan Spieth win the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament last weekend. He became the second youngest winner of the event (behind Tiger Woods) and set many records in the process. His win was a testament to what drive and passion can do to propel oneself to …

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The Power of Home Equity

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This post is written and sponsored by U.S. Bank  Seems you’ve got a bit of a dilemma on your hands. That big project you’ve had in your head for what feels like forever is now actually coming together on paper and just waiting to be started. You have the time to do it and – best …

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Where to Get Free Conference Calling


A few weeks ago, I needed to set up a conference call with a couple other folks. I was aware of GoToMeeting and other conference calling services – but wanted something that was free and easy to use. Also, since people would be calling in via their telephones (and not through video / or their computers), …

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How We Spent 25% Less Through Group Buying


There are several benefits of being a part of a homeowner association. Some include: getting to meet a lot of different people, being a part of the governing board to determine the direction of the community and the ability to exercise collective buying power to save more money. Charlie has written about how “loving your neighbor” can help …

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Integrity in Finances


Writing this post is going to cost me. I did the calculation today, actually. It’s going to cost me $7. It’s not for an internet fee (TTG pays that). It’s not for the Dr. Pepper I had to drink to stay up late to write it (that was $1.27 at QuickTrip). It’s what I owe …

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Groupon Coupons Review


Groupon made a name for itself with its deal-of-the-day discounted gift certificates. With Groupon Coupons, the company now has a more traditional way to save. Groupon Coupon is free to use: it has thousands of coupons from thousands of retailers, available to anyone with no upfront cost. But the name “Groupon Coupons” is a bit …

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