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Spotify Review – Free Music at Your Command

2014 July 24
by Matthew

A Gary Allan song was the last straw. The song itself was great (Airplanes if you’re wondering), but the $1.29 I had to pay for it irked me more than parting with 129 cents probably should. But it led me to try out some other options for playing music on my computer, because paying for music can add up! Spotify was a program a number of my friends were already using and I thought I would try it. After downloading it, using it, experimenting with it, and asking others about it, the bottom line is this: if you enjoy listening to music, Spotify needs to be a icon on your desktop!

You’ll have to create a Spotify account to listen to this song


Cost: Lack of, actually. Spotify is completely free. There is an option to upgrade to Spotify Premium for $8.99 to gain a couple more features and eliminate ads completely.

Playlists: Spotify is all about playlists. You can make your own, or play other people’s playlists that are already made.

Social Interaction: One of the cool features is to have friends (able to automatically link to Facebook friends who use Spotify) or artists and follow their music. Basically you can see what a friend is currently listening to, or check out the playlists Gary Allan created for himself to listen to.

Compatibility: I was surprised by the fact that within Spotify I was able to access songs I already had on iTunes. You can actually import your exact iTunes playlists! Spotify also syncs well with iPads and smart phones.


Commercials: We should know it by now: free comes with a cost. Ads is how Spotify makes money. I tracked the advertisements for hours of playing and there was approximately one 30-second commercial for every 15 minutes of music.

The Beatles Factor: Due to copyright issues, you won’t be able to find songs by these artists: The Beatles (who just recently gave rights for iTunes to sell), Garth Brooks, AC/DC, Bob Segar, Beyonnce, among some others. This may be a deal breaker for some. But remember, if you already have songs from these artists, you can play them in Spotify and add them to your playlists!

WiFi Dependent: Because Spotify is about streaming music, you have to internet access to enjoy the program.

No Burn: Burning CD’s isn’t an option on Spotify because a person technically doesn’t own the music. You can jam to your Spotify playlists if you have an appropriate smart phone setup for your car.

Spotify was close enough to what I was looking for for me to switch. Having access to songs I want to listen to but not buy with the ability to play songs I already had in my music library convinced me. In the digital age, I think it’s the closest way we can follow the advice of a great country singer to have “Nothing on but the radio.”

What have you discovered in your quest for listening to music on your computer? Should people be required to buy artist’s songs?

Are Some People Just Born Good Money Managers?

2014 July 21

aaron_image1As I’ve thought more and more about money management and been witness to mine and others money habits, I’ve come to the opinion that I believe to be true:

Some folks are just better with money than others. In other words, they are born “money managers”.

And, before I offend anyone – let me offer a few reasons for why I believe this to be so.

The prefrontal cortex

I recently heard a psychiatrist lecture about addictions and why some people are more susceptible to them than others.

One of the main reasons for folks falling prey to gambling, drug, alcohol (and dare I say, spending/debt) addictions is due to the prefrontal cortex part of our brain.  read more…

How Often Does My Credit Score Change?

2014 July 18
by Laurie

credit-score-changeEver wonder about the answer to this question?  I know I do.  I spent 15 working years in personal and mortgage banking, and among other things, I learned well during that time how important a credit score can be.  read more…

Ooma Business Review With Linx

2014 July 16

charlie_imageRecently, I was approached by Ooma to write a review on the Ooma Office. So while I’ve had the Ooma home phone service, I’ve been extremely pleased with both the service and price point. Here are the links to my previous Ooma posts [initial setup of Ooma, Ooma after one year and Ooma premium service review]. With those reviews in mind, here are few of my thoughts on the Ooma business.


Easy setup – after removing the base unit, I had my phone service operational within 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to setup, which was easier then the home phone service. The biggest thing to remember in setting it up is to note the device is on the bottom of the unit, and use that to register your Ooma business unit. Make sure you register your unit prior to plugging it in!  read more…

6 Weird Ways to Earn or Save Money

2014 July 14
by Matthew

weird ways to save moneyI came to a conclusion while being shamelessly dressed liked a cow to get a free meal at Chick-Fil-A recently: sometimes you have to be creative to make or save a buck. Am I right? I began reflecting on the interesting, weird and bizarre things I have done all in the name of earning or saving some extra money.

Can you top mine?  read more…

50% Off Backpacks + Bags (Today Only)

2014 July 10
by Aaron

deal-alertI know, I know. It’s hard to start thinking about it – but school is creeping up on us. I always dreaded seeing those “back-to-school” sales on TV in the summer.

That said, thought we’d let you know that Amazon is having a one day only sale on its backpacks and bags at the site. And, if you are a Prime member, you can get free shipping on most of them.


Check out the sale!

The preceding is an affiliate link and we do receive a small commission on any sales through the site at no cost to you.

How I’m Saving as Much as 13% on Everyday Purchases

2014 July 7

aaron_image1For awhile now, I have been looking at ways my wife and I can save more on our everyday purchases. From groceries to restaurants, to even gas.

Part of the problem I’ve run into is that some of the places we frequent do not have traditional “sales” or discount their goods very often.

We have gone almost entirely organic for groceries. If anything, purchasing organic foods has helped us focus more on our diets while improving our health (I’ve personally lost 40lbs over the past year + have gotten rid of other ails in the process).  read more…

Ask the Credit Expert: Should I Cancel a Credit Card I’ve Had for 12 Years?

2014 July 2
by Aaron

credit expert

This is the first installment in a series called, “Ask Kay” (the Credit Expert) in partnership with the fine folks over at Credit Karma. If you have a credit question you’d like answered in future posts, please send us a note!

“Kay” is Kayleigh Gaddor, Community Manager at Credit Karma. read more…

Interview with the Hidden Cash Creator – Oddest Hiding Spot, Real Estate Tips and Being Unmasked

2014 June 27
by Aaron

hidden-cash-creator-interviewIf you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that we are a big fan of giving. So when I heard about these interesting “hidden cash” events going on in California where an anonymous person(s) hides cash and provides clues via Twitter as to its whereabouts – I was intrigued.  read more…

How to Create Your Own Wedding Website on the Cheap – Part 1

2014 June 23

create your own wedding websiteA good friend of mine recently asked me if I would set up a wedding website for he and his fiance so they could post pictures, information about the ceremony and accept RSVP responses all in one place.

So I thought it would be neat to document what I did for them and create a video / post of the process for your reference.  read more…